Before starting this integration, make sure you have administration access to your organization’s Google Analytics account.

In Dexibit, you can integrate your digital systems to consolidate a single view of your visitor experience and discover insights crossing onsite and online. For Google Analytics, this integration is a mixture of steps you'll take in your Google account, alongside steps Dexibit will take to complete the integration.

In Google Analytics, add service email addresses for both and the gserviceaccount address provided by Dexibit customer support, at the 'account' level with 'viewer' permissions. Your gserviceaccount address will have the format

We'll receive a notification via email when this is complete.

Following, Dexibit customer support will complete the integration process and backdate data to the beginning of the calendar year.

In Google Analytics, you may wish to configure your sites and filters to reflect how you'd like data to be represented in Dexibit. These are then available for creating and saving filters in Dexibit's studio for website visualizations, to slice and dice data.

Note: This is a third party application and from time to time, the vendor may make changes to its interface – if you encounter an error message, please contact us via chat or email at

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