Optimizing revenue is a major consideration for strategic planning. Whether you’re analyzing marketing and advertising success, measuring average revenue per visitor or requiring visibility over sales numbers at various locations, looking at revenue trends at different points in time empowers you to break down revenue data by business line.

To add revenue over time to your dashboard:

1. Select the revenue type, “Revenue” or “Average Revenue per Visit” from the Attribute dropdown.

2. Filter by a business line or as combined business lines. (Save your own filters to be shared and used at a different time)

3. Adjusted data can be seen on a Time series at the following granularities: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly.

Note: To make configuration easier, we’ve updated the Revenue Rules column headings. Business Line identifier from the database is now “Line of business (Item)”, ‘Line of business’ is now ‘Line of business (Category) and ‘Category’ is now ‘Tag’.

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