Please note: This feature will only work if you have Google Opening Hours set in your Google Places.

The opening hours for your venue will now be automatically populated as per the Opening Hours displayed on your Google Places.

Having a single source of truth reduces time spent on administration activities so that you and your team can focus on delivering high value to visitors. This automation also reduces the chance of human error when updating the Almanac - resulting in inaccurate information for reporting and analysis.

How to set up Google Opening Hours:

  1. Set up your time accurately in Google Places following the instructions of this article.

  2. If you have current Opening and Closed hours set for years in advance, these will override the Google Places API.

  3. If you want to take advantage of the automation for a given time period, you will need to set an end date to any recurring Opening and Closed hours in the Almanac. The automation will then happen starting on the following day.

If you want to delete an Opening/Closed hours event: you need to be aware that you could be deleting a series of opening and closed hours from the Almanac i.e. you may click on one day to delete the hours but because this is part of a recurring opening hours series, all the past and future instances of this series will be deleted. This has consequences for our machine learning models, which require accurate historical data from which to learn and make predictions. If you make the mistake of deleting recurring opening hours you can set this up again but for the past.

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