Footfall allows you to see a simple snapshot of traffic in and out of your venues. This allows you to make many strategic decisions around staffing, scheduling and planning of experiences.

This visualization enables you to see the average footfall of your venue broken down by day and hour, so that you can get a good feel for the busiest days and hours.

You can see this by:

  • Attribute - You are able to view a heat table for either Footfall* IN or OUT (selectable in the attribute dropdown).

  • Filter by counter - You are able to view this for one or more of the venue’s footfall counters/ areas. You can use filters to view the entire venue or just for a specific area/exhibition.

  • Time series - You are able to view your footfall by day of the week. View this for all the days of the week or select certain days of the week only. Time series allows you to filter by days of the week to compare daily performance.

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