Before starting this integration, make sure you have administration access to your organization’s Twitter profile.

In Dexibit, you can integrate your digital systems in a few clicks to consolidate a single view of your visitor experience and discover insights crossing onsite and online. For digital systems such as website and social media, you can connect these yourself in a few clicks.

To integrate to Twitter, navigate to the Venue module on the left hand side menu, and select to browse Sources to connect integrations.

From the Sources page, select the Twitter tab from the top horizontal menu.

Click the Connect to Twitter icon.

The application will open a new window in Twitter. Login using your organization’s Twitter profile. Twitter will ask you if you wish to grant access to a list of items for your profile, to which you will need to authorize to complete.

Note: This is a third party application and from time to time, the vendor may make changes to its interface – if you encounter an error message, please contact us via chat or email

Once you have completed your integration, you can close this screen.

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