In Dexibit, you can upload data for your key metrics - great if you haven't updated to Premium with data integration automation yet, or equally applicable if you're yet to integrate your systems (or perhaps have a few manual ways of working that aren't integration ready).

In Dexibit, you can upload:

  • Footfall

  • Ticketing

  • Membership

  • Revenue

  • Remarks (such as visitor compliments and complaints)

Because of the complexity and depth of the data, some sources such as website, social media, email marketing, WiFi/RFID and weather aren't suitable for upload - in these circumstances we'll always integrate instead.

When it comes to uploading key metrics in Dexibit, we're here to help. We're currently modernizing the upload experience in Dexibit, so in the meantime, send your file via chat or email

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