Included with Free*, Classic and Premium plans.

Ditch the spreadsheets and confusing reporting tools! With Dexibit's dashboards:

  • Immediately get at the data you're looking for, with a mix of point and click functionality for quick and easy access plus self service analytics for powerful extensibility

  • Bring together data from various disparate sources to overcome silos, democratize data across your team and discover new insights that come from understanding correlations and relationships

  • Reduce time to insight with automated data ingestion, transformation and management from various integrated source systems for data you can trust

When you first land in Dexibit, you'll arrive directly in your dashboard. From here you can:

  1. Change the date range of your view

  2. Add, reorder, edit or delete visualizations

  3. Configure and customize your data view, including applying filters on your data

  4. Expand your view for more detailed data and download raw data

  5. Save and share your dashboard

*Dashboard functionality is limited for free plans to focus on managing visitation over time with benchmarks only.

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