In Dexibit, play with your data and presentation using the Studio - powerful access to configure data and customize visualizations to get exactly the view you need.

To access, click on the Toolbox left side pullout bar and select Studio from the top tab (in either the Dashboard or Expanded View), or click the edit visualization icon at the top right of editable visualizations on your dashboard. Within the Studio, you'll find a data section to select the data you want to see and how you'd like it presented, plus a style section to create the look you're after. Studio options depend on the data you're working with.

These configurations and customizations of each visualization save with your dashboard, including when you share your dashboard with others.


The visualization's title is editable.


Below the title, you'll see a representation of the data source/s used in your visualization to indicate what data you're working wtih.


Within the Data tab of the Studio, you can work with:

  • Attributes, to select the data element you're looking for within a metric (for example in ticketing, this may be tickets as they are sold, scheduled or redeemed)

  • Filters, to adjust the data you want within that (for example in ticketing, this may be select ticket products or types, or preconfigured groups of these defined in your venue's settings)

  • Grouping, to select how you wish your data to be presented (for example in ticketing, this may be again be by product/type)

  • Time series, to select how granular you wish the data to be summarized (for example by hour, day, week, month or quarter)


Within the Style tab of the Studio, you can work with:

  • Description, the instructions to the user you wish to show on the reverse of the visualization when you click to flip

  • Axis names (X and/or Y as applicable)

  • Axis type (applicable in some instances, for example to swap between time and 'days in' or 'percent complete' on the X axis for some data sets)

  • Axis range, an ability to fix the Y axis to a start and finish number

  • Change the chart types* to the following:

    • Area

    • Area Spline

    • Bar

    • Column

    • Line

    • Spline

  • Stack the chart for the following chart types:

    • Area

    • Area Spline

    • Bar

    • Column

*Chart type changes are available for the following vizualisations:

  • Activity Attendance Over Time

  • Email Subscribers Over Time

  • Footfall Over Time

  • Membership Over Time

  • Revenue Over Time

  • Social Media Over Time

  • Tickets Over Time

  • Visitation Over Time

  • Website Traffic Over Time

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