In Dexibit, you choose which dashboards you wish to remain private, just for you - versus those you wish to share, so your colleagues can see the same perspective.

All dashboards are private by default and can only be seen by you. The dashboards that are shared by you will show in the dashboards menu with a 'shared' tag so you can easily see at a glance which are visible to others.

When you share a dashboard, you share the visualizations and any configurations to your data (such as filters) or customizations to the visual's style (such as its title) and the selected date range. When you edit your dashboard, your changes automatically save and will be shared the next time another user loads this same view, so everyone's always on the same page. Don't forget to give your dashboard a memorable name! You can also use the subtitle space to give your users additional guidance.

Sharing a dashboard

To share a dashboard, with that dashboard in view, simply navigate to the top right menu and toggle to 'Sharing on'.

Making as dashboard private again

To reverse the share, with that dashboard in view, simply navigate to the top right menu and toggle off to 'Sharing off'.

Retaining control over change

When other users access a dashboard that's been shared by you, it will be read only - only you as the author can make changes. If they'd like to edit their view, they can use the View only button at the top right to create a copy which they can then edit.

Deleting a shared dashboard

Users are unable to delete someone else's shared dashboard. Account admins can 'turn sharing off' for any shared dashboard or delete any shared dashboard. Once a dashboard has been deleted, no one will be able to access the dashboard again and this can't be undone. Once sharing is turned off, only the owner will be able to see it.

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