Quickly dive into the details to access the data behind visualizations with a single click. In Dexibit, a powerful expanded view of a visualization provides:

  • Summary totals

  • Actual data

  • Export and download

This expanded view is available on most graphical visualizations. To access, simply click the expanded arrows at the top right of the visualization. To return back to your Dashboard, click the back button.

While you're in expanded view, the Toolbox and Studio is still available to configure your data and customize your visualization and you can still access the calendar or zoom too to navigate time. In expanded view, you can select to view your graph and table side by side, stacked in full width or as a table only.

Summary totals

At the top right of the screen, you'll see summary totals, which change based on the data you've configured for this view:

  • Total

  • Minimum

  • Maximum

  • Average

Accessing your data

At the bottom of the screen, or to the side if you've altered your view, you'll find your actual data. At the top right of this table, you'll find:

  • Data search

  • Export and download

  • Alter data presentation

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