The Reports module is only available for users on Dexibit's Premium pricing plan. Please note Reports will be updated to Dexibit's next generation experience in 2021.

With Dexibit's reports, you can replace your spreadsheets and instead, create beautifully visual data documents that can be automated and sent as often as you'd like. Learn more here.

How are Dexibit users using Reports in their organizations?

Users are creating and automating weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports for their venue's most important metrics including visitation/attendance, ticketing, revenue, membership and more. Here are the most common automated reports:

  • Quarterly Board and Executive reports with summaries on important metrics, sent directly to senior leadership and board members via email

  • Daily reports on hourly attendance with insight on how visitation compares with the previous period and forecasted visitation, sent directly to operations and management

  • Performance reports on traveling/special exhibitions with insight on ticket sale breakdown, revenue generated and sentiment (reviews), sent to key exhibition team members

  • Weekly performance summaries of key metrics (commonly ticketing and visitation) including comparisons to the previous period, sent to managers throughout all departments

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