The Reports module is only available for users on Dexibit's Premium pricing plan. Please note Reports will be updated to Dexibit's next generation experience in 2021.

Downloading a report to PDF

To download a report to email, click the download PDF icon from the top right of a report.

The file may take a short while to compile, then a pop up modal will appear. Click the Download report button to proceed.

The file will then download to your browser.

Sending a report via PDF to email

Reports can be sent via PDF to email, either automated or on a one off basis. To send a singular report via PDF to email, click on the send report icon (paper plane) at the top right of a report.

On the pop up modal, enter the recipient email addresses and hit enter after each selection to add them to the recipient list (click the delete icon next to an email address to remove it).

Once ready, click OK to complete.

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