On Dexibit, you can benchmark with a custom cohort or group of visitor attractions such as:

  1. Industry associations, regional or national tourism authorities

  2. Portfolios, for operators with multiple sites (including franchise brands) who wish to compare between their venues

  3. Informal peer groups from different attractions (for example, all major attractions in your city)

For these groups, Dexibit can facilitate quick and easy data collation from your constituent venues, delivering unique and exclusive insights for members and other stakeholders.

Each venue involved will need an account with Dexibit (which may be on our free plan) and to actively enrol in the group. As with all our benchmarks, each venue's data is protected, private and secure and only benchmarking insights across multiple venues are presented back to the group.

If you belong to an industry association or are part of a tourism authority group, contact us and see which you are able to join, or if you'd like us to facilitate connecting with your group to explore the benefits of collaborating with Dexibit.

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