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Dexibit's free visitation dashboard with benchmarks provides you and your team with the opportunity to get started on the journey of democratizing data by managing and comparing visitation statistics:

  • Simple dashboard tool

  • One source of truth for your visitation data (uses uploads)

  • Create and join groups to compare visitation growth rates to peers

To register for Dexibit, all you need is to provide your name, email and venue (if you work at a visitor attraction). You can also optionally add your address - your location is used to provide more granular local benchmarks with venues nearest to you, rather than global only data. When you register with Dexibit, you'll automatically land in your Dashboard straight away, where you can begin exploring benchmarks.

Has your visitor attraction already registered with Dexibit?

If your colleague has already joined Dexibit, they can invite you as a user to their venue. Or, if you're a multi location portfolio wanting to coordinate across various venues, get in touch to link your accounts. If you're not sure, register anyway and we'll connect the dots.

Here are three ways to get the best out of Dexibit when you first begin:

1. It all starts with the data

To get the most out of your dashboard, you'll need data! You'll be able to see industry benchmarks straight away, but will unlock more insights when you add your own visitation to the mix.

Data you add to Dexibit remains your own and can only be accessed by you and users you authorize to your account. Data is kept private, secure and confidential in accordance with Dexibit's privacy policy and terms. Industry benchmarks are calculated abstractly across multiple unidentified venues to protect an individual venue's data from being identified or reverse engineered.

When you first register with Dexibit, we'll quickly authorize your account so you can add data (we try to do this quick as we can, at least within 24 hours). This is to protect the data integrity of our benchmarks. For this reason, students, consultants or organizations that are not a visitor attraction will have limited access to view only.

To calculate your recovery, you'll need data since your reopening and for at least the 2019 calendar year as a baseline (we recommend adding data for 2017 - 2019 for the best results). You can add data as often as you like - we recommend weekly.

To add data, click the Add data button at the top right of your screen, grab the template, then click to select or drag in your file and hit upload. Having trouble? Send your file via chat or email

2. Life is better with friends

We're all about democratizing data here at Dexibit, so all Dexibit accounts come with unlimited users! To add, click Invite users at the top right.

3. Get exploring!

Here's some cool things to do in Dexibit... check out the top right of any visualization:

  • Swivel a visualization to find a quick explanation on what it does

  • Use the studio to slice and dice data and customize visualizations

  • Expand a visualization to browse and search your data, download it and more

With Dexibit's free visitation dashboard with benchmarks you can monitor and analyze your venue's performance, compare against peers globally, locally or in a group and share your view with colleagues.

Here's some questions to think about when you're looking at your data:

  1. How is your venue's visitation growth tracking?

  2. What quartile does your recovery compare against benchmark?

  3. What are your goals for the future?

  4. How do you report on performance to management?

  5. How do you share insight bites with your wider team?

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